The Family Info

TeamTeam ColorsCaptainEmailLeagueDivision
The Family RedMike A B East

The Family Standings

The Family A B East4610

The Family Schedule

Week 1 - 11:00Schiller Field 7Black Shirts12The Family 9Black Shirts 
Week 2 - 8:30Melrose ParkThe Family 9Showtime13Showtime 
Week 2 - 9:30Melrose ParkThe Family 9WC Hammer14WC Hammer 
Week 4 - 8:30Melrose ParkSpartans0The Family 18The Family  
Week 6 - 8:30Melrose ParkThe Family 6Beezneez0The Family  
Week 6 - 9:30Melrose ParkThe Family 0Chicago Elite21Chicago Elite 
Week 7 - 8:30Melrose ParkThe Family 0Black Shirts17Black Shirts 
Week 7 - 9:30Melrose ParkThe Family 14LOB/VG"S6The Family  
Week 8 - 11:30Melrose ParkWC Hammer18The Family 0WC Hammer 
Week 9 - 11:45Hertiage park WheelingThe Family 3Rebels0The Family