The Empire Info

TeamTeam ColorsCaptainEmailLeagueDivision
The Empire Roy C Gold

The Empire Standings

The EmpireC Gold7310

The Empire Schedule

Week 1 - 12:30Melrose ParkThe Empire14Legion of Boom13The Empire 
Week 2 - 11:30Bensenville Redmond The Empire12Rebels13Rebels 
Week 3 - 9:30Bensenville Redmond Metal Mulisha6The Empire3Metal Mulisha 
Week 4 - 8:30Bensenville Redmond The Empire14Primetime6The Empire 
Week 5 - 8:15Melrose ParkBeast 0The Empire2The Empire 
Week 5 - 10:30Bensenville Redmond Rampage17The Empire18The Empire 
Week 6 - 9:30Schiller Field 6Savage Elite6The Empire7The Empire 
Week 7 - 10:30Schiller Field 5The Empire18Super Friends8The Empire 
Week 9 - 10:45Schiller Field 5The Empire6Wild Boys13Wild Boys 
Week 10 - 11:30Schiller Field 6The Empire26Unleashed24The Empire